About Tracie J “People Over Profit”


A top serial entrepreneur in the Upstate of South Carolina, a minister, a visionary and creator of Build-Her-ology™, Tracie J is a native of Albany, Georgia actively building a collection of women pursuing their passion and purpose over fear. She is an intentional strategist, daily expanding her career as a Registered Nurse, Real Estate Broker, Licensed Insurance Agent and Life-Business coach/consultant. There are no limitations to Build-her, Faith-her and just Be-her.

A natural born leader, Tracie J is the quintessential authority in business curating from scratch the HSSC Homecare, H and M Labs and Clinics, Blue Realty and Associates, Oak and Ave Property Group at BRAA, Blueprint Learning Institute and the brainchild of her latest project, Build-Her-ology™. This innovative platform is designed to build-her, women from the “ground up” (inside -out) into “Brick Houses” that fully operate in their God-given purpose, destiny and gifts from birth yielding a higher profitability and healthier lifestyle.

Tracie J has a proven track record as a multi-figure earner, a member of the Greenville Chamber of Commerce Minority Business Accelerator Alumni as well as a compassionate soul for people to ultimately win in life. People matter in the world, an indication of her daily mantra, “People over Profit.” It is through service to others we achieve greatness to experience the manifestation of God's divine promises.

Of all her accolades of success, Tracie J's fundamental pursuit of happiness resides in her assignment given to be a mother to five wonderful children.