Our Programs


BuilderHERology™: is the purpose of building women from the “ground up” (inside -out) into “Brick Houses” that fully operate in their God given potentials, purposes, and gifts that will ultimately result in higher profitability and healthy living.

  • REACH-HER: Targets youthful, young adult women to assist with laying the foundations of basic life skills, strategy building, and future planning.
  • TEACH-HER: Targets Women currently established in life but knowing and needing to find what’s currently missing in their lives. Identifying and Activating purposes and gifts to lead to a more fulfilled and impactful life.
  • REHAB-HER: Targets the woman whose strategies “need updating”, or have found themselves in a complacent posture in life that at one time or another was filled with progression and productivity, but life happened and she hit a rut and has not been able to get “unstuck”, thus causing her life to just sit. She has “strong bones” but just needs some updating and remodeling in life.